From Crepes to Grilled Cheese to…Fish Tacos?

We came. We saw. We conquered tried to conquer.

‘Twas a rainy day so Jess and I decided to head over to Chelsea Market to check one off our restaurant bucket list. All day — well, all summer really — I’ve dreamed of the moment we’d finally eat crepes at Bar Suzette. We walked by countless times with full stomachs, knowing all along that we’d return before D-Day (the day we leave NYC).

Kim came along and we ran to the back, hidden corner of Chelsea Market where the creperie lives. Would I order a savory crepe? No, a sweet one! Or maybe both?

CLOSED?! I thought my heart stopped for a minute. Jess, Kim & I looked up at the pitiful sign that said Suzette’s was closed. “Sorry for the inconvenience” my ass. We didn’t have the time or energy to run through the rain to any of our other bucket list spots, so we fled to the next best thing: Lucy’s Whey, a cheese shop with gourmet grilled cheese around the corner from Suzette’s.

“If you want a grilled cheese, you’re too late,” said the employee. SERIOUSLY?! Were the food gods mad at us?

We glanced around at all of our options and decided on Friedman’s Lunch…again. And although it didn’t disappoint, nothing takes the taste out of spinach dip like a let down. It’s still one of my favorite spots — especially since I tried the fish tacos — but I really wanted that damn crepe.

We started with the spinach dip and sweet potato fries — two Friedman’s starter staples — and I ordered the fish tacos with corn tortillas, pan seared pollock, citrus-fennel slaw, tomatillo salsa, sriracha aioli and cilantro. My dad and I have a thing for fish tacos so I’m proud to announce that these were some of the best! They were even better as leftovers for lunch the next day.

Jess and Kim went the soup route, ordering the matzo ball and tomato soups, respectively. I tried a bite of both and they didn’t disappoint either. Definitely a smart choice for a rainy day!

Round two of spinach & artichoke at Friedman's Lunch

Fish tacos

Sweet potato fries with blue cheese aioli

Creamy tomato soup

Matzo ball soup

Maybe one day we’ll be back to embrace our melted brie and apple crepe….

To read my previous post about Friedman’s Lunch, click here.

Friedman’s Lunch, 75 Ninth Ave (Chelsea Market)

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