A Very NYC Brunch…

Ohhhh brunch. You know, that special time in between breakfast and lunch?

In NYC, Sunday brunch is slightly different. It’s a combination of lunch, dinner and cocktail hour (or 4 hours).  The mimosas flow while friends indulge in delicious food and rehash their weekends from start to finish.

Last weekend our friends Kathleen and Barrett came to visit. As our second to last weekend in the city, Jess and I knew we had to treat ourselves to a very NYC brunch.

To help me in my search for the perfect spot, I stumbled upon the Mimosa Maven blog, which gives endless brunch reviews and suggestions in the city. I considered several that were listed but chose PS 450 for two reasons: the mouthwatering menu and bottomless mimosa special. Done and done.

The restaurant sat us in the backroom, which looked more like a private VIP suite…

Just when we thought life couldn’t get any better, our waitress brought out champagne and orange juice. Yep, PS 450 lets you make your own mimosas. Everyone went back and forth between mimosas, bellinis and bloody marys throughout the afternoon…

Bottomless mimosas

Bloody Mary

From the sounds of this brunch so far, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Where’s the food?” Have no fear my friends, PS 450 served up some of the best brunch items that we’ve ever had. The hard part was choosing from eight varieties of “over the top” french toast, endless egg concoctions (from frittatas to sliders) and perfect hangover grub (literally called hangover fries).

Just wait for it…

"The Elvis" french toast with chocolate, peanut butter whipped cream, fluffernutter, bananas & honey)

Another view of "The Elvis"

"The Hangover Fries" with homemade fries, melted cheese, bacon, scallions with two over-easy eggs

Farmer's Market frittata

Breafast quesadilla with eggs, cheddar, jack cheese, salsa & bacon topped with a fried egg and guacamole


We spent FOUR hours eating and drinking away the afternoon. If that doesn’t prove it was a fabulous brunch, I don’t know what will. If you’re looking for a good brunch spot in NYC, PS 450 is an absolute must. It’s also IMPERATIVE that you pay $25 for the bottomless brunch and try the “Elvis” french toast. While the food left us smiling and the drinks left us laughing, the service was top-notch.

PS 450, 450 Park Ave S # 1

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