Highpoint NYC (not NC)

To all my Elon and NC friends, no, I didn’t go to Highpoint, NC for this review. Instead, I went to Highpoint Bar & Bistro in Chelsea for dinner last weekend.

The “modern, American hangout” was the perfect spot for our friend Christie’s 21st birthday. It’s always nice when you can comfortably assemble a large group of people together to eat a great meal. I didn’t know much about the restaurant before arriving, but it was definitely one of my most memorable meals thus far.

All of us were immediately wow-ed by the “Serrano mac-n-cheese poppers” with sour cream and chive that we saw on the menu (and that EJ ordered). We were all disappointed to find only two came on a plate, which meant no sharing. I guess that’s what you get for $4, a decent deal in my opinion. He let me sneak a bite although they were definitely no Cafeteria mac and cheese spring rolls, they were still fun and delicious to eat.

Instead of a bread of basket, Highpoint gives a free shopping cart of pita and hummus as a starter for the table. Yes, shopping cart. See for yourself…

Shopping cart of pita and hummus

Cute right? I ordered the daily cheese as my appetizer. It was a wedge of Roquefort and baguette slices Dr. Pepper reduction sauce on the plate next to the cheese and bread. I’m a huge fan of the soda and knew the mysterious sauce would be blog-worthy, so I couldn’t resist. I want to know whose idea it was to concoct such a sauce. Alone, it tasted weird — like thick Dr. Pepper — but combined with the cheese and bread, it tasted okay. It was more mind-boggling than enjoyable but hey, I love the creative effort Highpoint!

Roquefort with a Dr. Pepper reduction sauce

Three of us — EJ, Bethany and I — ordered the “Not your Mothers” meatloaf as our main course. It comes with truffled mushroom mac-n-cheese, baby carrots and green beans. Interesting enough, we each had different takes on the dish. I was pleased to find a hint of curry in the sauce whereas EJ found it utterly disgusting. (He doesn’t like curry). Bethany, on the other hand, didn’t taste it at all.

I will admit it was slightly odd to incorporate curry into meatloaf instead of the standard ketchup ketchup base but I love curry, therefore inhaled it! We all agreed on one thing though: the mac-n-cheese. In the macaroni and cheese category alone (not in spring roll form), I’d say Highpoint has the best I’ve ever had. The shells were smothered with the creamiest, melt-in-your-mouth sauce made up of Munster, American and Marscapone cheeses. You MUST try it if you eat here.

"Not your mother's meatloaf"

Highpoint Bistro, 216 7th Avenue (between 22nd & 23rd)

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