Cafeteria after dark

If you read my first NYC entry, then you’ve read ALL about the macaroni and cheese springs rolls from Cafeteria. It was love at first bite and now, seven weeks later, I still believe that they are the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

My first Cafeteria experience

My favorite food frand EJ came into town last weekend and I wanted him to have a taste of the magic for himself. Instead of going at a normal hour to test out the spring rolls, we went at 3 a.m. Yes everyone, dreams do come true: Cafeteria is open 24-7.

Little did I know that it’s a restaurant by day, club by night. We were both expecting a few people huddled in the restaurant for some late-night grub. But this was NOT the case. I immediately regretted changing into a t-shirt and gym shorts because I didn’t fit in. There was music thumping, a line outside the door and nobody (but us) that looked interested in eating. We managed to slip in (with help from the host) and were seated at the bar for our food extravaganza after dark.

I let EJ take the reigns over ordering. I thought we were just getting the spring rolls, but he decided we should have a feast complete with the macaroni and cheese spring rolls, with a smoked Gouda sauce; old school meatballs, with roasted tomato sauce and grilled rustic bread; and truffle Parmesan fries.

(Please excuse the bad iPhone photography…)

We ate it ALL in 8 minutes. Literally, 8 minutes. One of our friends even estimated the time according to our tweets from start to finish. I watched as EJ’s eyes grew big and wide with his first bite. “Heavenly,” is how he described the spring rolls. Everything else was delicious too, but the rolls trumped all.

Cafeteria has been one of my only restaurant repeats this summer, which says a lot. If you come to NYC, you MUST try the macaroni and cheese spring rolls here. They are THAT good.


Cafeteria, 119 7th Avenue, New York

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