Kow Krapow!

Kow Kra-POW!

No, it’s not a boxing move or some sort of karate chop; it’s Thai food.

Usually when I eat Thai food, I can’t resist curry dishes. Panang, green, yellow, red or masaman — each takes my taste buds on a coconut-y flavor frenzy. But when some of my coworkers and I sat down for lunch at the Siam Inn last week, I decided to shake things up and try something new.

I ordered the kow krapow, which I can’t say without yelling it out like martial artist. This heaping helping of minced chicken, Thai basil, white mushrooms and bird’s eye chili on rice definitely lived up to the “POW!” in its name. It was the perfect amount of spicy with exploding flavor. And as a $7.95 lunch special, which includes any side item, the kow krapow satisfies your Thai craving without emptying out your wallet.

Siam Inn, 251 W. 51st St. (between Broadway & 8th) 212.757.4006


Siam Inn Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Posted in NYC

2 thoughts on “Kow Krapow!

  1. Just searched the site for posts on Thai food. That’s awesome you got to try kraprow! It’s one of the most ubiquitous rice dishes here. Like, if you don’t know what to order, the food stand will surely be able to make some sort of kraprow. You can get it with minced chicken or pork or seafood or even veg. It’s usually served with a fried egg (khai dao) and some slices cucumbers. And also, it usually costs between 30 and 50 baht ($1-2ish)…Anyways. If you write more recent stuff about Thai food, I would love to reblog or guest post you or whatevzz! <33

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