Red Velvet by Kumquat

I wasn’t expecting to add another cupcake to the competition this weekend, but lone and behold, Brooklyn threw one in my face. As Jess and I browsed the flea market, my eyes immediately caught a table full of — wait for it — cupcakes. I first noticed a gigantic platter of baby cupcakes with bacon on top. I did a double-take. Bacon?! Meet my new friends, the maple bacon pecan cupcakes

Maple bacon pecan cupcakes from Kumquat Cupcakery

I personally thought they looked tempting, but unfortunately my stupid self only had a dollar for one cupcake and I couldn’t pass up another red velvet opportunity. Fun fact about these cupcakes from Kumquat Cupcakery? Some of them are topped with a scoop of ice cream instead of frosting. Now THAT is cool. Again, I was cheap on Saturday and could only afford my precious red velvet, but I’ll definitely be coming prepared next weekend to try both!

Now onto our favorite, little red velvet challenge…

Alright y’all, I’ve ditched the grading scale. Not only do I find it utterly frustrating to type it up on this blog, but let’s be real — you can’t measure a red velvet cupcake in numbers. I’m also proud to announce that I found the best red velvet so far in the state of New York, in Brooklyn. It was the, what I thought was cream cheese, frosting that ultimately won me over. It hit the spot. Now this was a little nugget so I judged it all in one bite, but it was pretty damn delicious. Turns out the frosting was vanilla — NOT cream cheese — based. Super ironic since it was that unique cream cheesy quality I noticed at first bite, but according to the Kumquat website, it is in fact vanilla. I’ll be asking the ladies about this next weekend, but for now enjoy these scrumptious photos of my perfect little red velvet…

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