Smac that (gimme some more…)

If there is one thing I’ve noticed about food in NYC this summer, it’s that New Yorkers like their macaroni and cheese. As a Southern girl, I always believed that mac ‘n cheese was a true Southern delicacy. I’m not talking about Kraft or EasyMac kids, I’m talking about REAL macaroni. My grandmother has one heck of a recipe that’s always a staple in her traditional South Carolina-inspired dinners.

Now NYC has taken it to a whole new level — a restaurant dedicated to everyone’s favorite called S’MAC (Sarita’s Macaroni & Cheese). It’s not just your standard plate of mac ‘n cheese either. You can choose from one of the restaurant’s many combinations inspired by Spanish, Mediterranean, Cajun and even Indian cuisines (among others). If you want traditional, they also offer the standard (and favorite) all-American or the four-cheese with cheddar, muenster, gruyere and pecorino.

While Jess stuck with the four-cheese, I went a different route with a build-your-own. My lovely combination of choice included gruyere and brie cheese (I’m a Frenchie) with broccoli, roasted garlic and chicken. We both opted for the “major munch” size as opposed to the smaller “nosh” option foreseeing a late-snack in our midst. Wise decision.  I’ve never been more excited to come home to anything in my life. Did I mention it is baked and is served in a cast-iron skillet? Without further ado, here it is folks…

My build-your-own with gruyere, brie, broccoli, roasted garlic and chicken

Jess with her four-cheese

S'Mac on Urbanspoon

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