Green tea…in a doughnut?

Photo of the Doughnut Plant by Michele Stapleton. Check out her photography here: )

Yep, you read it right: green tea in a doughnut. One of my best friends from Atlanta was in town last weekend visiting her mom, who is living her for a month this summer, and me. Emma, Ms. Weldon, her sister, Michele and I ventured around town — through Chelsea Market (of course!), around my neighborhood and up 5th Ave.

On our journey we discovered the Doughnut Plant, a restaurant that only sells doughnuts. Heaven? Pretty damn close. We stared into the glass like we were gazing into a land of doughnuts, full of exotic flavors like PB & J and crème brûlée. Just when I thought we were only here to look, Ms. Weldon ordered a green tea doughnut.

For those of you who know me, I absolutely love green tea. At one point in time, it was like a collection for me, finding the most exotic tea blends from Whole Foods. But even with my obsession for it, I didn’t know if my palette could handle green tea in doughnut form.

Ms. Weldon divided it into four slices and we all took our bite. I was waiting to detect the bitter tea leaf taste but it wasn’t there. Instead my taste buds confused me. I felt like I had just bitten into a funnel cake at Six Flags, not a doughnut made of green tea. Hmmmm! Emma said she recognized it, but I remained unconvinced. Despite the absence of tea twang, it was a yummy doughnut and I have every intention of returning to try more.

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