POP! goes the burger…

(Source: newyork-guide.net)

What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with a good ole, juicy American burger? As we made our way toward the Hudson River to watch the fireworks, Jess and I stopped by Pop Burger, a hip-looking burger joint in the Meatpacking District. As you can see from above, the restaurant has a way of reeling you inside with words like “creamy shakes”, “luscious mouth watering warm buns” and “hot burgers” written all over the wall.

The concept is pretty easy and casual. You walk up to the counter, order your meal and then wait for them to call your name. After attempting to decipher the menu for a bit, Jess and I decided on two POP burgers. Here is a quick decoding of the menu:

  • POP burgers (2) cheese: two “baby” burgers with lettuce, tomato, cheese and special POP sauce
  • the invisible burger: a veggie burger with a portobello mushroom
  • gobble, gobble (2): two “baby” turkey burgers
  • superman: a big burger with lots of yummy-looking toppings

Those were the questionable items among standard ones like a hot dog, grilled chicken sandwich, fried shrimp sandwich and lobster roll (for $18!). I recommend the POP burgers with a side of fries — which are fried up in an unusual way, making them perfectly crispy and delicious!

Our experience at POP, however, wasn’t all butterflies and rainbows. We had to wait in a cramped space for our meal next to the  steamy kitchen and claustrophobic crowd causing serious sweat. When our order finally came (some 20 minutes later) we made our way into a back room to sit. There was no indication that we couldn’t sit there but were immediately asked to leave. We attempted to sit in the front, designated area but all the seats were taken. BIG surprise considering it could probably fit 10 people.

After the frustration of waiting and trying to find a seat, we decided to take our food to go. This meant wrapping my celebratory, festive PBR in a burger wrapper so that I wouldn’t get arrested outside. It was all okay when we found a bench and dug into our burgers. Even though I loved my POP burgers, I’m thinking I’ll attempt the superman next time!


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