Hold the bun! Pita please…

Last night was the third go-around for my whole wheat pita pockets. Problem is, my kitchen isn’t too stocked. My fridge, freezer and pantry currently consist of the following items:

  1. Peanut butter
  2. Pasta
  3. Couscous
  4. Pita pockets
  5. Frozen veggies
  6. Frozen black bean burgers
  7. Hummus
  8. Carrots
  9. Blackberries
  10. Pasta sauce

With such a limited selection, it was difficult to get too creative last night. So I decided to revamp what I made the night before. Instead of mixing the black bean burger, veggies and couscous together, I chose to make my own version of a burger — a black bean pita burger.

I cooked the patty and put it directly in the pita then topped with bell peppers and broccoli. Sounds simple (which it was), but was in fact scrumptious! You could even make two of them and it’d still be healthy…


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