A few weeks ago after a long afternoon of touring Madison Avenue, a few of us popped into Hale and Hearty for a quick bite to eat.

Salads have never been so fun. When you walk in, you have the option of the sandwich, soup or salad line. I chose the salad line in attempt to eat healthy — a rare occurrence for me in this city. But then I saw it, behind the counter: the salad-makers aggressively chopping salad — a concept I’d never seen in my life.

Hale and Hearty offers every possible topping imaginable. I was mystified by ingredients like granny smith apple, roasted red peppers and edamame. After everything is gathered in a bowl, a sharp-edged-cookie- cutter-looking-contraption was used to dice it all up. The aftermath? Each topping in every bite. Not too much dressing and just the right amount of flavor. If you think all salads are “rabbit food” like my friend E.J. thinks they are, this will change your mind.

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