This week’s mission: eat healthy

I’ll be the first one to admit that I go in and out of healthy eating stages. Just when I think I’m starting down the path to righteousness (i.e. nutrition) I cheat with something bad. That one little “bad thing” turns into a week’s worth of “bad things” and before I know it I feel awful (and broke).

I’ve just recently had a couple of weeks  okay, half of a summer of that. I blamed it on the city at first, but now it’s time to blame myself for giving in so much. Starting today, I’m taking off on a mission to eat healthy in this city.

First step: start making my own food.

I went straight to Whole Foods after work to gather some staples for the upcoming week. The best part about grocery shopping in the city is that you physically can’t buy much. There is no strolling your cart out to the car. No, no, you must walk with your groceries. With that said, I can only (physically and financially) afford to fill up one basket.

Now that my pantry and fridge are (lightly) packed with healthy goodies, I’m on a mission to cook for myself until Friday morning when I take off for D.C. for the weekend. I’ll be posting each evening about the things I’ve made. So follow me for easy and affordable cooking tips this week!

Posted in NYC

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