Pita pocket-ful of sunshine

If you read my first post you might remember the “CP’s “Flat”-Out Good Pizza” recipe. With my busy schedule and lack of cooking equipment these days, I’ve been looking for something easy and flexible to make. Today at Whole Foods, I found whole wheat mini pita pockets.

At first glance my mind started wandering to crazy places as I dreamt of endless possibilities to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner with pita bread. There’s only 80 calories per pocket. 80 CALORIES. Can I get a hell yeah? Hell yeah.

First thing on the menu: garlic and herb couscous, black bean burger and veggie-stuffed pita pocket. I invested in a box of couscous for the next few weeks. You don’t need much for one person and it only takes about 5 minutes to cook. I’ve had Morning Star Spicy Black Bean Burgers in my freezer for weeks now, so decided to add a patty to the mix. They are healthy and also take only about 5 minutes to cook. Then, instead of buying fresh veggies, which always seem to rot before I get a chance to use them, I bought frozen broccoli and bell peppers. I recently read in an article that they are just as healthy, so HA!

After I individually cooked each part, I threw it all into a skillet and stuffed one pita pocket. I’m a huge pita gal; from gyros to falafel, pita just makes life better. And after tasting so many good pita concoctions in the last year, I can honestly judge what I made tonight. It was DELICIOUS. And took 10 minutes. It tasted so amazing that I felt guilty with each bite because it was just too good to be…healthy. But it is, so bon appétit!


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