#3: Amy’s Bread

Discovering Chelsea Market was like finding paradise in your backyard…and it’s literally in mine. I could survive there if it was the only place left on Earth because they literally have everything I’d ever need: Anthropologie (clothing + shelter), spinach dip (Friedman’s Lunch), crepes, gelato, pasta, meat, fresh produce and most importantly, cupcakes.

My favorite part about the market is its never-ending selection of bakeries, all of which serve deliciously sinful-looking cupcakes. We passed by one, then two, then three…and finally stumbled upon  Amy’s Bread. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about the place and lone and behold, I unintentionally run into it! Seems to be the story of my life these days…

As soon as we finished dinner (at Friedman’s) we noticed it was 8:50 and that Amy’s closes at 9. I scurried over to the bakery to find one red velvet cupcake left. (Yet another fateful moment in this town). I waited awhile before digging in so that I could prepare myself (mentally and physically) for my third red velvet critique this summer.

And the verdict is…

  1. Presentation: 4.5
  2. Frosting: 4.5
  3. Cake: 4.5
  4. Red Velvet quality: 3
  5. “Wow” factor: 4

Total: 20.5/25

The look of the cupcake was endearing with a unique, frilly cupcake liner and a small red heart sprinkle on top. It was elegant, to say the least. There wasn’t anything truly “wow-ing” about its simple presentation but it spoke to me from behind the counter.

Amy’s pretty much hit the jackpot on moistness. I felt like I was eating cake fresh out of the oven; but really it was the last one of the day. The icing was pretty unique too;  so whipped and light, I felt like I was eating whipped cream. It was delicious but had zero hint of cream cheese flavor, which as I’ve previously complained, is unacceptable for red velvet. But the texture and sweetness made up for the lack of red velvet character.

Overall, Amy’s red velvet cupcake is in the lead by a whopping 0.5. It was the most impressive thus far, but I’m searching for something better…

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