Friedmans Lunch (part I)

Tonight I consumed one of the best meals of my life. This is no joke, I did. I thought I’d be inspired to write about Chelsea Market before settling down to my ridiculously good meal. I’ll get to the market (which is AMAZING) later, but first I must report about the ultimate foodie journey…

Friedmans Lunch. That’s the name, DO wear it out. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, 7 days a week. In Chelsea Market…enough said. You might as well just let me into Heaven’s gates now because I’m pretty sure my dinner was more magical. It was so good that I’m taking this post one plate at a time, so bear with me because the pictures you’re about to see and the meal that you’re going to hear about are both rated R for RIDICULOUS(ly) good.

Let’s start with the appetizer: spinach and artichoke dip with pita chips. If you go to Elon, you know this combo as a staple in bubble cuisine. If you’re anyone else in America, you know it’s a damn good starter. But have you had it from Friedmans? My guess is no. Prepare to drool kids…

Not too shabby, eh? I’ll go ahead and say that this picture doesn’t do this plate ANY justice. My roommate and fellow food adventurer this summer, Jess Phelan, and I both had an out-of-body experience with this appetizer. Jess quotes,”The world would be a much darker and grimmer place if we’d never ordered this appetizer.” Dramatic? No. Exaggerating? Not even close. We’ve now seen the light.

It was so delicious that I’m actually speechless. The pita chips had an explosion of garlic in each bite and were lightly toasted. They were the perfect base for the unique, milky consistency of the spinach dip. May sound unusual, but it’s what made the dish so mind-blowing and unexpected — in a good way. I don’t usually care for the artichoke bits in the dip but Friedmans made me love them. At one point, I looked across the table and found Jess with her eyes closed as she chewed one of her last bites. It was THAT good. So then I did it to…

And POOF! it disappeared.

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