Tickle me Elmo

I swear that you find the best restaurants in NYC while wandering. Two nights ago I strolled in the direction of home with friends hoping to find a delish dinner spot. Our eyes caught a hipster joint that read “RESTAURANT” in huge letters across the front. It drew us in…

Google image

Turns out this hotspot wasn’t called “Restaurant” like we thought, but actually Elmo. We made our way through a loud, contemporary bar setting that was packed full of people before getting to our seat. It was no surprise when I opened my menu and got a rush of excitement as I browsed each alluring item.

I originally wanted to be cheap but knew I’d be missing out on a remarkable culinary adventure at Elmo if I didn’t splurge. BEST CHOICE. I ordered grilled lime shrimp skewers, which came with creamy coconut basmati rice, grilled pepper “confetti” and mango chutney (according to the menu). It was a tropical, delectable party in my mouth. I’m still dreaming of it now. (Excuse the crappiness of my iPhone).

The good food didn’t stop there. Bonnie personalized her order by getting the elmo salad with salmon. I personally loved catching bites from her place, but according to Bonnie, the vinaigrette dressing wasn’t up to par.

Now for the most delicious addition to our table: Jess’ mac ‘n cheese — made with four cheeses and oven-baked bread crumbs. AHHHH-mazing. If I’ve learned one thing about food in NYC its that they do their macaroni and cheese RIGHT. I could taste hints of gruyere cheese (my fav) as well as others in my one creamy, delicious bite.

We were very close to ordering elmo bites (an appetizer) for dessert. You get to choose three of the following: crispy calamari, guacemole & corn chips, truffle fries, onion strings or quesadilla. The group sitting next to us ordered this three-tier tray of nom-ness and it was extremely hard to pass up. But I’m guessing we saved about 900 calories so go us! No question we’ll be getting it next time…

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