Middle Eastern “flavaaa”

While in Paris I acquired an obsession with falafel. I spent many-a-Sundays at L’As du Falafel — Paris’ go-to falafel joint. The marriage of falafel balls, cabbage, eggplant and sauce in a pita was perfection. If you haven’t tried it, you haven’t lived yet.

So of course I about died my first week while exploring Chelsea when I stumbled upon Pita City (okay, okay not quite L’As status but still verrrrry good!) I ordered up a scrumptious falafel wrap complete with all of the traditional fix’ins and decided to include myself in its reveal to the world:

My Middle Eastern food adventure didn’t end in Pita City (no pun intended). After work one day last week, I was summoned by my fellow interns to try out a popular food stand just down the street that sold halal gyros (53rd and 6th).

This cart had a nice long line out front -- a very good sign!

This time I opted out of a wrap and instead ordered a full plate of what the man recommended to me. He filled my foil to-go pan with special seasoned rice, lamb, chicken, lettuce, a white sauce, spicy sauce and pita. It took two sittings to finish it, but by golly, it was DELICIOUS.


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