Melissa’s “petite” treats


Round 2 of Red Velvet Race: Baked by Melissa

I feel like everyone and their mom told me to go to Baked by Melissa if I wanted a cupcake (or 3?). It turned out to be one of my many stumble-upons last Monday, and although I was in no mood for cupcakes, I couldn’t pass up the chance to add another competitor to my challenge.

This place is tiny. And to my surprise, the cupcakes were tiny. Like REALLY tiny. So small that you can’t just buy one, you must buy three for $3. Imagine the two-bite brownies from the grocery store. That’s the size of Melissa’s (whoever she is) cupcakes.

Obviously I ordered the red velvet first. But then was stumped again when it came to picking out the others. After serious debate, I opted for s’mores and cookie dough. First, I popped the non-red velvet flavors and didn’t get that OMG sensation that typically comes along with a good cupcake. Instead, I was under the impression that I’d just eaten a muffin. It was so small I couldn’t detect what was off. Maybe small was the only problem…it didn’t give me enough time to savor the flavor.

Now onto the red velvet…dun, dun, dun…

  1. Presentation: 4
  2. Frosting: 3
  3. Cake: 4
  4. Red Velvet character: 3
  5. Extra “WOW”: 2

     Total: 16 out of 25

Yeah, not that great. If I was ranking the other two flavors, the score might be higher, but the red velvet just wasn’t…red velvet. The icing tried hard to be cream cheesy but all I got from it was a sour, unpleasant taste. It wasn’t disgusting by any stretch of the word, but I probably won’t order it again.  Baked by Melissa has a cute concept and cute cupcakes but my pallet just wasn’t blown away.

Now to the next red velvet extravaganza…

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