Feelin’ all Cosi

After Jess ranted the other day about her amazing flatbread sandwich from a popular lunch chain called Cosi, I knew I had to give it a try. It was fate when I walked a different way to work yesterday morning and spotted one right across the street from my building. Predestination? Yep, it’s a safe bet.

Some co-workers and I became especially hungry around 11:45am, so we decided to scoot out for an early lunch. My suggestion? Cosi. Skeptical at first, we all ran right in after glancing at the yummy (and affordable) menu outside.

Cosi reminds me of Panera but with a more “cozy” feel and specialty items. They make sandwiches with flatbread, which they provide samples of in line. I opted for the fire-roasted veggie sandwich. It had all my favorite veggies with a feta cheese spread. I got a side of chicken queso tortilla soup. The sandwich was to die for, the soup…not so much.

I knew I’d be going back but didn’t realize it’d be the next day. My friend Sarah, who is moving to NYC in July, met me at my office for lunch. She suggested Cosi and I couldn’t complain. This time I ordered the chicken tinga sandwich packed with slow-simmered pulled chicken in a chipotle-spiced tomato sauce layered with guacamole, pico de gallo, crumbled feta cheese and fresh cilantro. ‘Twas delicious but not half as good as the fire-roasted veggie.

Go to Cosi. It was the perfect affordable and filling lunch.

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