The Red Velvet Race

I want to take this opportunity to announce my newest summer food venture: the Red Velvet Race.

Manhattan might as well be called Cupcake Land due to the overwhelming presence of the cupcake fad over the years. It seems to be fizzling out here as it makes its way down south to places like Atlanta (and even Burlington, NC.). But from what I know, it all started here. Well, here or in L.A. (same difference, eh?) Wherever it did, I want to explore the city’s take on my favorite flavor: red velvet.

I’ve comprised a scale to judge each bakery’s red velvet creation, which at the end of the summer will determine the best (and worst) red velvet in New York City.

The Red Velvet Scale:

  1. Presentation (1-5)
  2. Taste of frosting (1-5)
  3. Taste of cake (1-5)
  4. Red velvet character/tradition (1-5)
  5. Extra “WOW” (1-5)

Complex, eh? I take my red velvet very seriously. This means that a perfect score equals 25.

Stay tuned for updates on the first two contenders: Crumbs Bakery and Baked by Melissa.

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2 thoughts on “The Red Velvet Race

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