And then there were Crumbs…

The only  negative thing I despise about my internship is the location. I can’t complain that it’s located just blocks from Times Square on Broadway or that is brushes the sky as one of the city’s many breathtaking skyscrapers. So what’s to hate? Crumbs Bakery…that’s what.

How am I suppose to work 9 to 5 knowing there is a magical cupcake factory 30 floors below me? How do I pretend it’s not there when I arrive in the morning, scurry off to lunch and then leave after a busy day? A cupcake is the ultimate reward for a long day’s work, but I just can’t be tempted. #toofat

Well on day #3 I was lured into the elevator…then the lobby…and then through the doors of Crumbs (d’oh!). I maybe spent 10 minutes staring into the window of freshly baked and perfectly decorated cupcakes trying to decide which flavor to get. S’mores, with graham crackers and marshmallow on top? Or the Baba Booey, oozing with peanut butter frosting and rimmed with peanut butter chips? The Half-Baked, Peanut Butter Cup and Cookie Dough flavors were speaking to me through the glass saying, “Pick me Caroline, pick meeee…” But I knew I was on a mission and ordered the most amazing looking red velvet cupcake I’ve ever seen…

I tackled this cupcake like never before by choosing to savor it instead of devouring every morsel. For starters it was HUGE and actually 500 calories. So I decided to be smart and take a little slice then give the rest to my co-workers.

First nibbled the cake alone, then the frosting and then everything together. This is what I decided:

(drum roll…)

  1. Presentation: 5
  2. Frosting: 4
  3. Cake: 4
  4. Red Velvet character: 4
  5. Extra “WOW”: 3

     Total: 20 out of 25

The cake was a little too chocolate-y for starters. It just lacked the mysterious, yet endearing quality of red velvet. The frosting was good but wasn’t the soft and creamy texture you dream about at night. Most importantly the traditional cream cheese flavor didn’t translate into the frosting. If you’re going to make red velvet you have to do it right. It’s so unique that you can’t spare the necessary components — especially the cream cheese frosting. It was overall very moist — which was a plus — and the sprinkles and red velvet crumbs on top added a nice pop of texture.

I want to believe that the other enticing flavors that Crumbs has to offer are better than its red velvet. I’ve had better. But, I’m learning (as you will soon find out) that red velvet just might only be a southern delicacy that no New York bakery will be able to master. I guess we’ll just have to see…

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