One of the things I was trying to avoid most in this city: bagels. See, I love bagels. A lot. And I’m no bagel brat either. I love my Einstein’s, Bruegger’s, Panera…you name it, I’ll love it.

So what have I been avoiding? New York bagels of course! They’re the king of bagel-land with a mouth-watering reputation. How could I avoid perfection, cheap and convenient all rolled into one? All of that plus the calories, duh.

My first Saturday morning in NYC began with a plain bagel with chive cream cheese and fresh squeezed OJ from Murray’s Bagels on 8th in Chelsea. It was an out-of-body-experience in just one bite. No bagel will ever be the same (including the one I had from Whole Foods today).

(Google image)


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2 thoughts on “Schmear-fest

  1. Go to Russ & Daughters and get the gaspe nova smoked salmon!! It’s on my bucket list and supposed to be amazing. ps I love this food blog…. and MISS. YOU.

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