When Caroline Met Pastrami…

My favorite movie of all time is When Harry Met Sally so I was pleased to learn yesterday that I’d be eating where the notorious lunch scene (above) was filmed. During our 6-hour bus tour of the city, our guide took us to Katz’s Deli for lunch. I’m sure you’ve seen it, heard about it or even eaten there before…

I’m all for trying new things but I must admit, I was very weary of ordering a pastrami sandwich for lunch. But after a long lecture from our tour guide, I decided to give in and order what Katz’s is best known for.

Ordering my sandwich was more intimidating than the pastrami itself. We walked in, were given a ticket (that you can’t lose or you’ll be charged $50), then had to make way to one of the 10 ordering lines. As number three in line, I frantically searched the overhead menu for what to get. Then I saw it…a pastrami sandwich was $16. Yes folks, SIXTEEN DOLLARS. That doesn’t even include condiments. I settled for the $15 half sandwich and soup deal, patting myself on the back for saving $1. I felt like a child at the counter timidly ordering my pastrami sandwich on a roll with mustard, lettuce and swiss with a side of matzo ball soup.

In a matter of seconds I was given my meal and made way through the overwhelming crowd to a table. I took my first bite and was pleasantly surprised. I think it was the swiss and mustard (surprisingly since I’m not a mustard fan) that made the sandwich what it was. Most customers comment on the “melt in your mouth” quality of Katz’s pastrami but I honestly don’t know what that means. Obviously a pound of meat didn’t melt in my mouth. It was tasty and tender but like I said, the swiss ultimately won me over.

In a food coma from just half of a sandwich, I was scared I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my matzo ball soup (and the $15 I spent). The soup, however, turned out to be the perfect sidekick. I’ve had matzo ball soup before but never THIS good.

So overall Katz’s was a must-do NYC experience, but I can’t see myself returning unless it brings the price down by $10 (or my parents are in town!)

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