Macaroni & Cheese Spring Rolls. Am I in heaven?

I arrived in the city this past Saturday, moved into my “dorm” in Chelsea and immediately began exploring with my roommate Jess. On the prowl for a delicious welcome dinner, we decided to wander our neighborhood until we found the perfect spot.

Then we saw it across the street at the corner of 17th & 7th: a white, hip-looking place with an open patio out front, with waiters dancing around inside and the hosts and hostesses singing “Rent” songs at the door. Its name: Cafeteria. Better known as the best decision ever made for a welcome dinner in NYC.

The prices weren’t too bad and the options were endless. I about fell out of my chair as I skimmed the appetizers and saw mac and cheese spring rolls on the list. My mouth started watering and I knew there was no way I could resist ordering my dream food. I love springs rolls and I love macaroni and cheese. I officially pronounce this appetizer as the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Each crispy roll was filled with delectable mac and cheese and then dipped in a smoked gouda sauce that was to die for.

mac and cheese spring rolls

For my entrée I attempted to be “healthy” by ordering the crispy calamari salad complete with frisee, radicchio, chicory, roasted peppers, green beans and toasted peanuts with a honey sesame vinaigrette. Probably not the most healthy but overall delicious (although calamari in salad is slightly strange.)

crispy calamari salad

Jess chose the wedge salad comprised of bibb lettuce, smoked bacon (lots of it!), grape tomatoes, crisp shallots and crumbled blue cheese. To say the least, the salad selection at Cafeteria is impressive and affordable.

wedge salad

The best part about Cafeteria? It’s open 24-7. I fear the late-night cravings for the mac and cheese spring rolls to come…

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